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Kate Rubin started her consulting business after working in the life sciences industry for over 20 years. She came to us needing an effective brand strategy and distinct, cohesive visual identity to establish her as a trusted, go-to marketing & operations resource for pharma and biotech companies needing temporary staff or a project-based team member.

FreshSparks created a foundation and compelling story arc for my brand strategy—plus a new logo, identity system, and website that put me on the map. It was an incredibly collaborative and efficient process that enabled me to feel confident in the result and empowered to launch my business. Sonia is a star. She’s wonderful at distilling a brand’s essence and creating an action plan for success.
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Kate Rubin

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Using our proven brand strategy process, we worked through gaining clarity on Kate’s business model and purpose in multiple discovery sessions.

Looking at competitors helped define the edge Kate’s consulting agency brings to the table, and how to position strengths effectively in a market where everyone is a marketing consultant!

With two distinct types of customers, we developed a brand voice and personality that harnessed her core archetypes to speak directly to them—addressing all the right pain points and goals.

Kate’s brand messaging now clearly articulates who she is, how she stands out, and why her audience should care—with a clear mission, value propositions and overall story that makes an impact.

As always, an effective brand strategy directly supports visual identity. Using the essence of her brand elements, we designed an identity system and website with a professional and cohesive look.

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