A recognizable and loved brand is one of the most valuable assets your business will ever own.

In fact, studies show that 59% of consumers prefer to buy products or services from brands they already know, or feel familiar to them.

People are also now making purchasing decisions based on what a brand says, does, and stands for – not just price or quality anymore!

How do you become a sought-after brand with endless sales and raving fans?

By identifying your purpose, promises, and problems you solve in a way that stands out.

The challenge then becomes communicating this with a clear and cohesive message across all channels and touchpoints people have with your brand experience.

⟶  If you have a startup, begin by creating a foundation with a brand strategy – so that you can differentiate and craft the right message for a specific audience (before diving into the logo and website, of course).

⟶  If you have an established business, draw from existing customer experience – so that you can position effectively and clarify your message for a radically improved brand strategy and identity that captures even more attention and market share.

No matter what phase you’re in—you have the what, how, and why inside you.

We just need to bring this incredible value to the surface and package it into a clear direction that will define your position in the market to grow your business long-term.

Effective brand strategy, brand identity, and brand marketing will enable your business to:

• Stand out from the noise and competition

• Attract the right people effectively

• Communicate your story consistently

• Convert and retain for growth

Let’s create the most awareness, trust, loyalty, and advocacy for your brand.

We offer three levels of support, wherever you are in your brand building journey.

Take a look at our business branding services and offers below.



Building Your Brand Strategy Masterclass - Learn how to create a powerful blueprint that transforms your business into an extraordinary brand.

Create a powerful blueprint that transforms your small business into an extraordinary brand.

In this online workshop, you’ll learn our 5-step process for creating a strong Brand Strategy that will position your business so that it stands out from all the rest.

Plus, get inspiration from lots of real-life examples of new and established brands!

After the Building Your Brand Strategy masterclass, you’ll have a clear plan for how your business or organization should stand out.



Stand Out Brand Program - Intensive Group Brand Coaching

Clarify your purpose. Define how you differentiate. Communicate it with confidence. Convert the right people.

Stand Out Brand™ is an intensive brand-building program that provides the direction and framework you need to excel with a remarkable brand strategy and identity that attracts and converts your ideal customers and clients.

With this experience, you’ll gain the brand clarity, confidence, and consistency you’ve always wanted.

It’s the perfect mix of purpose meets profit.

Here’s what you can expect with this program –

💥. . . Get clear and focused on who you serve, what you do for them, how you do it, and most importantly the WHY behind it all.

💥. . . Be inspired and motivated to move forward – feel like you’re actually making a ton of progress (but with heart over hustle).

💥. . . Apply strategic direction to your business practices and marketing efforts in the right way to create a consistent brand that stands out.

💥. . . Watch your confidence soar more than ever before as you tackle running a true business brand. No more wondering where to start.

💥. . . Begin to see ideal customers attracted to your brand like a magnet, and convert them with less convincing to make a sale.

Get access to a high-impact curriculum including video trainings, resources, downloads, and templates – PLUS weekly live coaching, personalized feedback and critique of your work, and an engaged community of ambitious and passionate brand-building entrepreneurs with an extraordinary business like yours.



Business Brand Brilliance™

If you came looking for just a logo or website – this isn’t it.

Instead, you’ll collaborate 1:1 with the FreshSparks branding agency team to define and develop your remarkable brand – led by strategy first, then design.

We work directly with Founders or Marketing Directors to help create the most impact on customers, employees, and the world so that your business grows exponentially and with ease.

These business branding services cover two phases – Brand Strategy and Brand Identity.

Our overall process can include these six pillars:

Discovery sessions and interviews are conducted to gather requirements, brainstorm, and gain clarity about your business model, process and reason for being. You’ll be asked many questions you’ve never thought about before but are critical to understand the answer to! We want to clearly define the what, how, and why behind the brand so that your strategic direction and identity aligns with both your business goals and the needs of your customer.

The better you understand your customers, the more you can tailor their experience with your brand message and marketing. Using existing customer data, voice of customer research, and customer interviews, we define the exact people you want to be speaking to clearly with all your brand communication in a way that resonates.

In order to stand out, you have to know what you are up against. We conduct a top-level analysis of competitors to identify gaps, areas of opportunity, and key differentiators for positioning your business effectively in the market.

People seek authentic, humanized brands with a clear story supported by an appropriate voice and tone that speaks to them consistently. We help define a brand voice for you – complete with guidelines and examples.

Your business needs a concise and impactful brand message that captures the hearts and minds of your customers. We craft core messaging statements such as purpose, vision, mission, values, USP, tagline, and origin story. These brand statements allow you to work from the same playbook to define and execute strategies and tactics that will grow your business brand for years.

Using your brand strategy as fuel, we’ll work with you to create a captivating visual identity and distinctive communication for your brand. From memorable naming to a distinctive logo to a conversion-focused website that works for you (while you sleep) – these elements grab attention, make a strong first impression, and separate you from the competition.

•  Brand Naming
•  Logo & Identity Design
•  Packaging Design (physical & digital)
•  Brand Style Guide
•  WordPress Website Design

If you’re ready to take your brand experience to the next level and work with a top branding agency for a collaborative, full-service, and truly transformational experience – chat with us today about our business branding services.

Let's work on building your brand.



Start building a brand, not just another business.

The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Brand

Get this step-by-step workbook full of actionable tips, templates and guidance. 

Define your target audience

Research competitors

• Develop your brand voice

...and so much more!

Grab this action-packed guide to create a solid foundation for your brand today!