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More than just a job.

Abbella Medical Staffing connects adventurous medical professionals to respected healthcare facilities with a need for experienced and enthusiastic staff. An ambitious and extremely passionate entrepreneur, Thomas Wambui looked for a way to communicate a clear and authentic message for his recruiting agency, and refresh their visual identity to reflect it.

My challenge was always to build a brand with real meaning. After working with FreshSparks I was enlightened and relieved that we finally understand our purpose and identity…and can communicate it effectively! The result of the brand development propels us to work harder in everything we do now. We plan on consulting with you in our future projects. I really love what you do, your passion and dedication is everything.
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Thomas Wambui

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Eight years in, Thomas recently renamed his business, but just didn’t feel that their brand identity was compelling or had an impact in the sea of other staffing agencies out there.

And the marketplace was definitely crowded.

In our first conversation, Thomas expressed this:

“I tried to do a lot of this branding stuff myself…but I found that it took me too long, or that I just wasn’t keying in on the important things. I struggled with this also, because I’m doing a thousand things in keeping the business running. So you lose some of that perspective when you’re ‘in it’ all the time.”

Thomas knew that becoming a brand is an area that he HAD to grow as a company. He wanted to position their business properly and craft a unique message so that they could stand out. In addition, he wasn’t convinced by their logo or website content after the new name was put into place. He believed it all needed to be redesigned to have more impact and meaning.

Abbella Medical Staffing Brand Story


Through multiple Brand Discovery sessions and interviews, we began to dig deep and discover insights that made Thomas and his other stakeholders tick. We encouraged them to communicate their reason for what they do, why they do it, and to uncover key beliefs and values which motivate them on a daily basis.

Thomas stated afterward:

“Your discovery meetings made us learn about ourselves, and build the brand around that.”

Together with this discovery and important information gathered from competitor research, Brand Positioning was developed to leverage their strengths and opportunities in the market, while being cognizant of any weaknesses or threats.

Target Audience development honed in on the exact people that Abbella could service best and provided a 360-degree view of how to bridge the gap for placing the ideal candidate with the right facility to create the most symbiotic relationship.

The unique combination of brand archetypes and clear personality characteristics provided Brand Voice guidelines to support all of Abbella’s communication and messaging in a powerful way that stands out from the competition.

With that clear brand voice, we developed impactful Brand Messaging statements to communicate the meaning behind their purpose and promises.


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