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Magento ecommerce web design for a leader in arts and crafts


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A.C. Moore is a leading arts and crafts retailer with brick and mortar stores all over the United States. Working with agency Guidance, we provided creative direction for a playful but easy-to-use Magento web design to tie together a store experience with their online presence. The site is built on the Magento platform, and incorporates a way for users to create project collections. Each project includes all necessary product items, and lists can be brought in-store for purchase.

category page for Magento web design
Projects are organized into various categories for easy browsing. Category landing pages show craft projects in a grid form: displaying descriptive images, sorting options and clear pagination. Breadcrumb navigation offers alternate wayfinding for users. The breadcrumb acts as an effective visual aid indicating location within the website’s hierarchy.
project page for Magento web design
Effective Magento Web Design

This Magento web design solution offers users thousands of arts and crafts projects to choose from…scrapbooking, seasonal, home decor, holidays and more. Each project page displays a tools and supplies list for a customer to bring into a store and purchase. Projects can be saved for later into a project collection. Step-by-step instructions with text and imagery help craft lovers complete their projects with ease. Users can also view instructional videos within the product detail image area.
rewards page for Magento web design
According to Inc.com, “companies spend more than $2 billion on loyalty programs a year, and statistics show the average American household belongs to about 14 different rewards programs.” A.C. Moore promotes their rewards program on the website within the main navigation. Users can create a loyalty rewards account through the site, or complete a registration that was started in-store.


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